Chris Graeve

Chris Graeve is a real estate entrepreneur, leader and mentor, family man, and follower of Christ.

Chris Graeve wears many hats as the leader at RE-Build Properties and Christopher Robin Real Estate. At the helm of RE-Build and Christopher Robin, he inspires a real estate investment team that pursues long-term growth in the fix and flip industry.

As a leader and mentor, Christopher Graeve enjoys teaching others about real estate and donates his time and financial resources to charities, like Financial Grace. As a follower of Christ, Chris Graeve’s faith is a central component of his life and he centers his life mission and purpose around the person of Jesus Christ.

As someone who has sold homes to many families over the years, Christopher Graeve recognizes the importance of home life. As a husband and father, he makes spending time with his 3 children a priority, and enjoys doing the simple things in life together that makes it special for the whole family.

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Chris Graeve Real Estate

Fix and Flip Re-Imagined

Before Chris Graeve achieved his position as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Officer at RE-Build Properties and Christopher Robin Real Estate, Chris came of age within the world of real estate. Chris Graeve’s father mentored him in the trade. After nearly 4 decades as a real estate broker in Palm Beach County, his father had invaluable knowledge to share with his son.

In 2000, while attending college, Chris Graeve dove into house flipping, and bought a house in Palm Beach Gardens where he scraped wallpaper, painted the house, and put down sod in the yard.  This early experience confirmed for him that he definitely had the real estate bug. Chris Graeve would go on to build upon the legacy of professionalism and business success started by his father.

Chris Graeve Lifestyle

Chris Graeve, through his real estate investing experience, has created a platform to share with the next generation of talent.  Real estate is more than simply a job or a career for Chris; it is one of his passions in life that he enjoys passing on by leading and mentoring others.

Chris Graeve understands that all fix-and-flip investments depend on many people coming together to achieve a common goal. For this reason, he believes firmly in helping others learn how to succeed as real estate professionals or investors. At RE-Build Properties and Christopher Robin Real Estate, Christopher Graeve has built an organizational culture where everyone can learn and thrive.

Chris Graeve Faith

Chris Graeve's generosity does not stop at the office.  Chris’s faith in Jesus Christ is the primary reason for his life goals in business, for his community, and his family.

Chris donates his time and resources to ministries like Financial Grace. This faith-based organization aids people who want to escape debt. Programs funded by the organization help people improve their financial knowledge and enjoy greater financial freedom.

Chris Graeve and his family are involved in their community through their local church, and strive to do everything in their lives to bring the truth and love of Christ to others.  Chris Graeve believes in seeking Biblical wisdom, working hard and ethically before God and man, and modeling Jesus for others.  Chris believes in living a generous life because God is scandalously generous with us by giving us His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins in our place so that we may have life.

Chris Graeve. Bringing it All Together.
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