God is My CEO

As a businessperson, it is not always easy to incorporate your personal and religious beliefs with your business. There are a lot of considerations, from running your firm to its operations to the demands of your customers and shareholders.

Whether you are in the real estate industry like Christopher Graeve or in a different sector, you know how difficult it is to face the daily challenges that your business brings, especially internal ones.  How do you manage employee turnover?  How do you lead your business to continued growth?  How do you train your employees so they excel at what they are doing?  How do you lead your team to do the right thing, when no one else is looking? 

Even the brightest person can get confused and overwhelmed with these decisions. When it was hard for Chris Graeve to find answers, he would turn to God. He has always been a Christ follower, and one of Chris Graeve’s favorite books, other than the Bible, is the book called God is My CEO.

The book is written by Larry Julian. He is known for his success as a consultant. He also works as a speaker in which he specializes in leadership coaching.

Larry Julian is well-versed in helping and guiding business leaders. Apart from God is My CEO, he also wrote God is My Success, which you may also find useful in your everyday journey in the business world. Another book he wrote is the Five Bold Choices, which guides those who feel they are stuck with no improvements in their lives.

When he is not writing books, Larry Julian works as the president of The Julian Group. It is a consulting company that serves as a consulting firm for more than a hundred large organizations. Aside from being an author and a company president, he also works as an instructor at the University of St. Thomas Management Center in Minneapolis.

In God is My CEO, you will learn a better way to run your business. The book is an excellent guide for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their work.  The author challenges readers to think more about how they’re working, and when you work for God rather than for man, your work glorifies God.  You don’t have to choose morality over money, but rather when you truly operate with God’s principles, you build a successful business that increases productivity and fosters customer loyalty.  This book paints a picture of how the Kingdom of God will be established through every decision in your business. 

Especially when you face adversity in your business, this book is a genuine reminder that adversity can truly strengthen your leadership.  The book will also inspire you to come up with ideas while being encouraged to do what is right. It has real-life stories that highlights the lives of business leaders who are successful today. These people went through what you may be going through right now. You will find their stories motivating and relatable.

“God is My CEO” shares that God can help anyone. The stories will serve as an inspiration. Smart business leaders talk about their experiences. They show that you can be successful and a God-fearing individual at the same time.

The book will also help you learn how to apply a plan that you can execute daily. This plan will be useful in overcoming the toughest battles when it comes to business issues you may face. God is My CEO also helps you focus your energy and thoughts to those that matter most to you and your business.

Larry Julian shows that your faith is not a hindrance to how you run your business. In reality, it can lead to better decisions and real success.

For Chris Graeve, this book is a must-read, especially if you are interested in running your business God’s way. It is one of his favorite books, which helped him realize that God is the ultimate CEO of his company.

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